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About Us

About us : Advocate Anand & Associates provide legal services of professional expert in following area :- 

Criminal Law

Service Law

Property Law

Armed Forces Law

Family Law

Know about us : Adv. Anand & Associates  

Our advocates encourage genuine litigation and make efforts to solve the matters through mediation.

Anyone facing any legal problem should share all the facts before their lawyers.

As without knowing complete facts no lawyer can render proper advice. 

Legal Experts in Jaipur 

We mainly deals with the matters pertaining to court litigations relating to various areas. 

Our team of best criminal lawyer in Jaipur deal with following matters : –  

What is Remedy against non registration of FIR

Police Investigation 

Delay in FIR

Anticipatory Bail 

What is law of arrest and Bail 

Guidelines on Police Arrest 

Our Best Service Matter Advocate in Jaipur in Jaipur deals with following service matters : – 

Stay on Disciplinary Proceedings  

Oral Termination of Private School Teacher is Invalid

Termination of Temporary Employees

Writ Petition Maintainable against Private School or Not

Disciplinary Proceedings Can be Quashed on the Ground of Delay

Compassionate Appointment to Married Daughter 

Equal Pay Equal Work etc. 

Experts of our best Armed Forces Tribunal Advocate in Jaipur deal with following matters : 

Appeal Against AFT Order in High Court

Disability Pension Even on Voluntary Retirement

Disability Pension for less than 20 percent

No recovery of excess payment already paid to employee

Disability Pension for Heart Diseases

Disability Pension to LMC Soldier  etc. 

We also deal and specialize in the law relating to Armed Forces including Para-military forces of the Union of India under the Armed Forces Tribunal.

Individual should feel confident that their legal matters will be handled with utmost attention, skill and confidentiality.

We also deals with the matters pertaining to court litigations relating to all kind of criminal trial procedure, bail, corruption, excise matters and the matters for quashing of false FIR.

Dealing with Supreme Court Cases 

Our professional lawyers handle Criminal appeals, Criminal revisions, and suspension of sentence before the High Court. 

And also Appeal/SLP before the Supreme Court of India. Our team is having legal experts for effective defense in criminal matters.

Having updated from Criminal Matter Judgments helps any advocate to render proper and good advice.