Service Law

Service Law  

Advocate Anand & Associates has a good team of best service matter advocate in Jaipur to deal with service law in Jaipur. 

Our advocates deal with all type of service law matters like Stay on Disciplinary Proceedings. 

We also deal with Transfer, Promotion., Minor and Major Penalty, recruitment, appointment etc.

Service Law Cases in Jaipur 

Employee are governed by some service rules. They are bound to work under the service rules and terms and conditions.

Whenever, the employee faces any problem with regard to service condition, for the same reason,  individual needs legal expert in Jaipur. 

Employment Law Matters in High Court Jaipur  

Now important question arises in everyone mind that what type of employment matters are filed before Hon’ble High Court Jaipur. These are as follows : – 

Court cases in Central Administrative Tribunal Jaipur

Matters in Rajasthan employment Appellate Tribunal Jaipur

Cases in Armed Forces Tribunal Jaipur

Civil Writ Petition involving Service Law Matters in Jaipur

Service Personnel of Army/ Navy / Air Force of Union of India

Para-military forces personnel Matters in Jaipur

Central Govt. Civilian Employees employment Matters in Jaipur

State Govt. Employees Service Law Matter in Jaipur

Public Sector Undertaking employment Matters in Jaipur

Appeal for Industrial Tribunal / Labour Court in Jaipur 

Employment Matter of Private Institution or Company in Jaipur

Termination of Temporary Employee 

We deals with the matters pertaining to court litigation relating to all kind of Writ Petitions and Original Application pertaining appointment law in Jaipur.

Procedure for filing Employment Matter Cases in Jaipur High Court

A employment matter advocate in Jaipur should know the complete procedure for providing effective defense in High Court Jaipur.

It is very much necessary to present the matter before High Court Jaipur after availing all remedies.

Every employee and service law specialist in Jaipur must aware about the standard procedure of filing the Court case before Hon’ble High Court Jaipur viz : – 

 Complete Knowledge of employment Rules and Regulations

 Limitation or Delay in approaching the Court

 Jurisdiction of  High Court or Tribunal 

 Pendency of Departmental Appeal, if any 

 Any Order or letter issued on the appeal or representation 

 Knowledge of previously decided cases by Supreme Court 

Our employment matter lawyers in Jaipur proceeds for filing the case before High Court Jaipur after checking all relevant points. 

Anyone want stay on disciplinary proceedings must aware about updated service matter judgments  .